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Digital Backgrounds

Background choices are displayed on a Plasma TV Screen, which can display the following choices, groupped by theme:

Magazine Covers

All top-selling magazine covers: Time, Fortune, Vogue, GQ etc

Magazine Covers
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Movies Posters

Star in Terminator, Pirates of the Caribbean’s and dozens other popular movies!

Movie Posters
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Funky Frames

Wanted poster, Forever Heart, Good Friends Good Times, Living Large, and many other digital Funky Frames (aka Funny Frames)



Your picture with Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, and dozens of other Hollywood royalty.


Andy Warhol and Pop Art Shots

Your face becomes digitally processes as if Andy Warhol drew your portrait.



Relive the 60s! Fun colorful backgrounds.


Exotic Cars

Your guests get to “sit inside” or “stand near” an exotic cars, including Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Bugattis.


Elegant Scenic Backgrounds

Hawaii sunset, spectacular waterfalls, tropical beaches, thunderstorms and many more.



Kids Theme – Disney Plus Other Kids Favorites

Let their fantasy run!

Teenagers Theme – TV Shows and Pop Culture

Be the envy of them all – take a red-carpet photo with 50 Cent, Shakira, Branjolina and other trendsetters.

Sports Theme – all major area teams or specific to a sport

From Yankees to Lakers, From Babe Ruth to Shaquille O’Neal – dozens of teams, players and sports presented for your guests to be a part of!

Digital Caricatures

Caricatures on steroids – see what Photoshop can do with your photo!

Hairstyles Studio

Let your guests have fun with new hairstyles – last 4 decades of unisex haircuts. We will take one shot of your guest, and our system will automatically place his/her face onto a variety of haircuts. The guest will receive a large printout featuring the variety of  hair styles as pictured below.


Special Effects Studio

Warp, posterize, polarize and apply weird psychedelic effects.

Old Western Costumes

Cowboys and villains in seconds – your guests become time-ported into the 18th century saloons, pose in old-fashioned costumes, guns etc.

Travel Theme

Venice, Paris, and New York backgrounds – all without leaving the event!

New York, New York Theme

Sumptuously chosen New York backgrounds – available to complete the theme of your event. Rockefeller center, central park, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and more!